Varicose Veins; How To Cure Them?

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Varicose veins are developed by defective vein walls. When vein valves are damaged it directly impacts their function i.e to carry blood to the heart becomes obstructed. This defect will end in pooling of the blood causing superficial veins in unsightly blue, red, or purple just below the surface of the skin of legs or face. Get a precise form of varicose vein treatment Clifton at a certified vein center near me, only by a vein specialist near me Clifton.


Apart from cosmetic issues, varicose veins are not generally considered a grave health concern, though they can hint at problems deeper within the legs, such as deep vein thrombosis. Problems associated with varicose veins are itching, leg fatigue, swelling, and if the veins in question are located in the lower legs, possible ulceration. Get a varicose vein treatment, Clifton, from a vein specialist near me paramus, if you suffer from such kinds of leg vein issues. 

Who is more likely to have varicose veins?

  • People who spend the majority of the day on their feet are at higher risk for varicose veins, as are those who sit in one position for extended periods, though these risks can be reduced by frequently shifting the stance and taking periodic walks, with special attention given to the calf muscles. For those in a chair who are unable to take breaks, straighten the legs at the knee now and then, flexing the ankles acutely in both directions to help circulation in the calves. Get varicose vein treatment near me, Clifton, to get rid of them quickly. 


  • Obesity is a major contributor to varicose veins, as the veins must work harder to return blood to the heart. Age is also a factor–fully half of all Americans will suffer some sort of venal disorder by their 60s. Women are more susceptible than men, and pregnancy raises the risks; hormones associated with pregnancy can thin the walls of the veins, and each consecutive pregnancy increases the odds of venal disorders later in life.

Varicose vein treatments:

  • The traditional varicose veins treatment, called “vein stripping”, is notoriously painful–usually after general anesthesia, a fine hook is threaded through the vein, and the vein is removed by tearing it from the skin. This technique leaves bruises and swelling, and patients must be monitored closely for clotting. Even treatments performed in outpatient settings are invasive and painful. Get the treatment done only at a certified vein center Clifton


  • VNUS Closure varicose vein treatment near me in New Jersey is a minimally invasive alternative that uses tiny catheters and heat to collapse troublesome veins. Pain is almost negligible when compared to vein stripping or leading laser treatments. Only a minute incision in the lower leg is required, eliminating the need for a hospital stay, general anesthesia, or groin surgery. The treatment is remarkably gentle, with little or no bruising or scarring, and recovery is fast–patients can return to normal activity almost immediately.

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