Spider vein treatment: What To Opt For Removal Of Unsightly Veins?

What is 5 + 6?

Spider veins are referred to by many names in medical terms such as spider-nevus, angioma, or telangiectasia, etc. These veins project the structure of a spider web, which is most commonly called spider veins. Moreover, these are red, purple, or blue-like blood vessels that become stretched and develop near the surface of the skin on your legs, face, and neck. Visit the veins center, if you want to relieve the unsightly veins.


What are spider veins?

Spider veins are tiny, destructed veins that can be noticed on the surface of the legs or face. Usually, they don’t cause any harm or pain but most people desire to eliminate them due to their ugly appearance. They may resemble the skin in red, purple.  If you are wishing for their extraction from your body, call a vein doctor near me.

What are the risk factors?

The causes of this condition are not always clear, but certain factors can influence a person to hold them. When the problem becomes uncontrollable, you may require spider vein treatment near me new jersey  These numerous risks include:

  • Age, simply put, the more you age, the more you are prone to have them. Women’s ratio to possess them are more than men but don't feel picked on because approximately 50% of people get them.
  • Heredity, when your family members already have venous insufficiency, chances become higher of getting unsightly veins on your body too.


  • Hormonal influences include hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Even hormonal fluctuations induced by oral contraceptives can impact their occurrence.
  • Lifestyle involves many factors such as obesity, the extra weight of your body places extra pressure on the vessels causing them damaged and stretched, 
  • Job or Occupation: most people have to stand for long periods due to their professional needs, which is considered a well-known cause of telangiectasia. So whatever your profession is, whatever a nurse, or in retail sales, your health might be at risk if your activity level is null. You are prone to have spider or varicose veins due to reduced circulation of blood.

Spider veins vs Varicose veins:

They are similar to spider veins only difference is that varicose are larger and more ugly in the aspect of appearance. Furthermore, varicose veins generally occur on the legs, mainly the calves and inside the thighs.  Unlike spider veins, they bulge out the skin and appear twisted like a rope on the surface of the skin. These veins may cause pain and discomfort requiring varicose vein treatment by a vein specialist NJ.

Spider Vein Treatment:

The two main methods of vein treatment Clifton are sclerotherapy and thermocoagulation.

Briefly, sclerotherapy is based on using a needle to inject saline solution into the damaged vessels to cause them to collapse onto themselves. Risks may include allergic drug reactions to the solution and bruising. You can get the treatment done at vein centers in New jersey.

Thermocoagulation is just what it sounds like heat, which is used to "coagulate" the vessels, which then collapse and disappear. The differences in different methods come from whether a laser, radiofrequency, or electric current supplies the heat to the damaged part of the blood vessels. The risks of thermocoagulation are heat burns on the skin, however, this process is considered relatively painless and excellent for treatment for the face and nose. Visit veins centers NJ to discuss the treatment with the vein specialist Paramus

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