How to pick the right vein specialist?

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When you are diagnosed with venous disease then it is very necessary to pick a good vein specialist for the treatment. In choosing a good vein treatment NJ you have to consider several factors. Read this article to get some ideas for choosing a vein specialist.


Find a Vein Specialist

The best doctor for you sometimes isn’t a doctor at all. Sometimes physician assistants(PA) and nurse practitioners(NP) are considered excellent in certain things. When it comes to the varicose vein treatment the education and experience of an extender do not compare to that of a physician and definitely not of a board-certified surgeon. 

Find a Respectful Communicator

Surgeons traditionally have been poor communicators, in part because they have a short-term relationship with the patient, unlike your primary vein doctor. Times have changed, when choosing your phlebologist or vein surgeon; you'll want to be sure they can communicate effectively, in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Many patients complain that they are unable to understand their doctor’s med speak the language. Other times there are good explanations. Good communication requires an understanding of the parts of both doctors and patients.

Find a Vein Specialist Who Works with Your Insurance

This is a key step to having a good relationship with your provider. Physicians who specialize in vein treatment have members of their staff that specialize in working with the insurance companies. Often they can tell you upfront what out-of-pocket expenses, what is covered by insurance and what may be deemed elective or cosmetic depending on your situation. Varicose veins are the result of an underlying condition and many treatments are covered if billed correctly. The relationship between insurers and practitioners changes all the time this is the nature of health insurance. Make sure to know the coverage policy of the vein center in which you are getting treated.

Make sure that the Physician is focused on Vein Treatment.

Patients are surprised to learn that some surgeons treat veins as an adjunct to their full-time practice. Often they find this out after the fact, be proactive, and ask the surgeon how many veins he/she treats a month. varicose vein treatment NJ is all-encompassing and is not just limited to one procedure.

Choosing the right physician for your varicose and spider vein treatment NJ should not be taken lightly. Although varicose and spider veins are almost never life or limb-threatening, incorrect or poorly done surgery and other treatments can do far more harm than good and can leave behind permanent pain and scars. 


The choice of surgeons should always be viewed as a major decision and should be made only after you have done your 'homework. Some surgeons at vein centers perform up to 30 procedures a day, while they may have a lot of experience, is the patient getting the attention to detail they deserve? On the contrary, if the specialist only performs a couple of procedures a month, his/her experience may be limited.

When it comes time to choosing the vein specialist for you, you'll need to account for the entire team that will deliver your care. 

  1. Ask your doctor where and when they were trained and by whom.
  1. How long have they been doing these procedures and how many have they done?
  1. What is their success rate?
  1. What problems have they seen with these treatments?
  1. What can you expect after treatment?
  1. How long will it take to see the desired results?
  1. What can you expect in the future?

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