Spider vein treatment

What is 5 + 5?

In actuality, Veins started to ache and became inflamed to such a point that it required spider vein treatment. You were hesitant about getting spider vein treatment, but when you found out how effective it was you decided to give it a try.

Hundreds of people undertake vein treatment on a regular basis. Spider vein treatment Paramus is usually administered in the form of sclerotherapy, which is a series of medicinal injections intended to collapse the vein. However, a more problematic vein might require laser vein treatment.



The treatment itself is very straightforward and done in a vein center more often than not. The patient will be able to return to regular activity immediately following each session. On average, the sessions last about an hour of time.

Facts to know about spider vein

Before seeking a spider vein treatment you have to consider these several facts. It will give you some clarity about the vein treatment.

Vein doctor Paramus say that they don't just happen to women. Men can have them as well. Actually, teenagers get them too.

The development of veins can be caused due to long exposure to the sun.

There is a chance that you will develop spider veins if your job demands long periods of sitting and standing.

Some people will get them no matter what, while others can help themselves to prevent them. Try to get out of the habit of crossing your legs. Don't wear high heels.

You should make an appointment to see vein specialist Paramus if you feel pain where your spider veins are.

Ways to prepare yourself for treatment

If you want to treat your veins then vein center Paramus is the best option you want to go. But before seeking treatment or any kind of surgery, these are some ways to prepare yourself for treatment. 


Do your homework and make sure you understand all that is entailed. Before any type of procedure, you as an individual need to comprehend all that a specific vein treatment Paramus involves before we commit to having it done.

Do not apply any lotion on your legs 3 days before and 3 days after your session. This will prevent infection.

Pack compression stockings for your session. They are an excellent way to keep circulation going and prevent numbness.

Do not take any aspirin, Advil, Ibuprofen, Aleve, or Motrin for at least one week prior to your session.

Never take any Prednisone two days before your sclerotherapy session.

Should you have any questions, it is imperative you ask them to vein doctor before your session. It's best to get them answered beforehand to put your mind at ease.

Inform your surgeon of any medications including those that you purchase over the counter, herbs, dietary supplements, etc. Also, mention any allergies you may have beforehand as well.

Choose clothing that is loose and easy and comfortable to wear.

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